How I earn 75,000/- Per Month from Flipkart Affiliate

 Below you can see the proof of my Flipkart affiliate account screenshot. In this post, I will show you how I earn money from Flipkart Affiliate program. You can also make money by following these steps.

How I earn 75,000- Per Month from Flipkart Affiliate

How I earn 75,000- Per Month from Flipkart Affiliate

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Flipkart is a fast-growing e-commerce company in India and offers a variety of products from books to electronics, all in one place. I am sure you know about Flipkart offers like “Flipkart Big Billion Day” where Flipkart sales 1k to 10k products as low as Rs.1 to Rs.10 only. Now let me show you how you can make money from Flipkart Affiliate. Yes, you can earn money from online shopping website like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and more. Here I will show you all step how I make money from this online shopping website.

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Both types of users can use this post, who already have Flipkart Affiliate Account and also for new users who new to this field. for a new user who doesn’t have a Flipkart Affiliate account, check out my this post “How to be a part of Flipkart Affiliate”. after getting your affiliate account we all are on the same page. Let’s start to earn money.

Do you know, There is two way to make money from Flipkart.

1. Become a Seller on Flipkart.

Yes, you can make money by selling your products on Flipkart. I don’t mean by selling household items. for selling those items, you have,, Here, who are interested in becoming a businessmen/businesswomen. I am giving some point about the sale on Flipkart here, for the full article, you can check this post “How to sell a product on Flipkart Seller Hub”

Simple Step to become a Seller on Flipkart

how to register with flipkart seller account

Step1: Register on Flipkart as a seller.

Step2: Provide all documents related to the product you want to sell on Flipkart.

Step3: After submitting all information related to your product. wait for manual approval from Flipkart.

Step4: Once your Application approved by Flipkart seller Team, you can list your products on Flipkart.

Step5: Make sales, and earn Money.

2. Become Affiliate of Flipkart.

how to become an flipkart affiliate

Becoming an affiliate means you will help Flipkart by selling products as they earn more money. In return, Flipkart will share some profit with you as a commission. This is a simple way you will make money by Flipkart. you just have to help Flipkart by finding more buyer. When you find a buyer for Flipkart, they got a sale as in return they share some profit with you.

Flipkart has a huge range of products with categories, like Mobile, Laptop, books, clothing… and more. Flipkart specified commission by categories from time to time. The commission percentage you can find out in a commission tab, its range from 0.1% to 10% of the selling price. Please check below screenshot as a reference.

A complete Process How to make money from Flipkart Affiliate

Find out the best Categories for your Niche

Once your Flipkart Affiliate account is ready to use, the next step is research for product/categories. for getting successful you have to choose the categories on which you want to focus. Find out the best categories related to your blog/niche in where you are best. or you can promote all Flipkart categories, but I prefer to choose products which you can give your best or you have good knowledge. as you can easily explain your user about the product.

  • Your interest in particular categories/products you should choose to work with them, help you to comfortable with promoting. as you have more knowledge and experience with them. This will enable you to sell those products to others. for E.g. if you are interested in Technology, work with Mobile, Mobile accessories and its similar items.
  • Your skill experience helps you to choose categories. but if you focus on All Flipkart Categories you can not give your best to your user. as we focus on a few categories which suit our skill.
  • Experience level on categories will impact your success. for example, you choose to work with technology, as you are good at this, you can compare products and help the buyer to choose the best product to buy. This will enable you to get more conversion as you can earn more money.

Finally decided the categories you want to work with,  we start with making money process. But First, you will have some resources in order to earn with Flipkart Affiliate.

Require tools

Step1: You needs a blog or Website for your niche. where your buyer visit to your blog/website. More buyer visit, convert more sales in result you will earn more money.

Step2: Get a domain for your blog or website. I recommended as their services well and you will get your domain as low as Rs.99.

Step3: Getting the domain name, you have a few options as you can choose as per your term. or choose a domain that matches with your content. If you are planning to launch your blog/website on Gadgets you can choose your domain name as or

Step4: Once you have done with your domain registration. Now you need a hosting provider for your Blog/Website to host. Choosing a hosting provider is the most important part. if your hosting is down it will effect on your income. hence never go with an unknown or cheap hosting plan. I refer to or as their services are very good. Hostgator give one-click WordPress setup, as you can use it for your blog.

Step5: Now, you need a responsive theme for your blog/website. There are many free WordPress themes available; you can install as per your choice.

Step6: Install SEO plugin which helps you to rank you Page.

Once your blog ready, now time to post your content on it.

  • Select topics which are trending.
  • You have to up to date on Flipkart popular products and categories.
  • Write your topic on popular products on Flipkart or most selling items.
  • Give your user review, suggestion and guide them to buy a perfect product.
  • Make sure you have a clear decision on the product as a buyer don’t confuse to buy.
  • Add Popular products banner on your blog/website.
  • Keep your eye on Flipkart sale like “Big Billion Days” like the sale.
  • Promote your blog/Website. try to get more visitors to your page.
  • more visitors will help you to get more profit.

I have shared my tips which I used to earn money every month from Flipkart Affiliate. Apply these tips to your blog/website and see your success day by day. If you have any queries please feel free to contact us.

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