How I earn 46,551/- per month from the Amazon Affiliate Program

In my last post, I show you my earning 75,000/- per month form Flipkart Affiliate Program. In this post now you can learn how to make money from Amazon Affiliate Associates Program.

How to Create Amazon Affiliate Program Account and earn money

it’s not hard to earn money from Amazon Affiliate program, Lots of users making money from Amazon Affiliate Program using their Blog, Website, Youtube, Social Media & More.  it’s easy and they Pay well, How well? you might know. Last month I make 46,551/- using Amazon Affiliate Program so I say they pay pretty well and on time. check out my earning from Amazon Affiliate Account with the screenshot below.

Are you interested to make money from Amazon Affiliate Program?

By following this step by step guide, you will be making money from Amazon Affiliate Program as much as you want. Here, the sky is limit to make money online. a lot of competition in Affiliate Marketing Program. But you have Billions of Products to choose from Affiliate.

Do you know about Amazon?

Amazon is an international e-commerce company offering an online shopping website. Founded in 1994 in the United State of America by Jeff Bezos. Amazon offering online retail, digital content, computing services, consumer electronics as well as other local services such as daily deals.

more than 310 million active customers account worldwide. Amazon e-retailers close to 178 billion U.S. dollars in 2017 net sales.

Now you can understand about Amazon and its opportunity. so forget about the competition, just follow the rules. you will surely earn a good amount of money.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is big business worldwide. To earn from Amazon Affiliate Program, you have a good knowledge of what is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing for you; is a way to make money by selling other company products or promoting services for a commission.


Affiliate Marketing is simply selling company products or services in return, you will get a commission for that sell.

How you can earn more than 50,000/- per month from Amazon Affiliate Program.

To earn money form Amazon Affiliate Marketing, you will need some resource. This will be required for some investment and time. However, your investment will recover in a short time.

For making money from Amazon Affiliate Marketing every month, you need to follow this

  • Profitable article or Niche – This is the topic on which you will create your Blog/Website. You will be selling product related to this article or Niche via Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program.
  • Domain & Hosting – To right your blog you need Domain & Hosting to Host it.
  • Blog or Website –
  • Quality Content – People only visit & spend time on that website. which has good content. you have to motivate your user to purchase a product for referring your site.
  • High Ranking in Google – It helps you to get more sales.

How to find profitable Niche

Getting the right Niche is very important. Perfect Niche gets you to earn money from Amazon Affiliate. As this is important to get it right. To get the right Niche you have to research, analyze and find the most profitable Niche for your Website.

Follow this step to find a Profitable Niche for your Website/Blog:

  • Go to Amazon website and find out different categories listed on it.
  • Choose the best categories where you have good knowledge and skills.
  • Each category has many products, choose the best product which is comfortable for working on it.
  • Find out how much commission Amazon offers on your selected categories.
  • List down these commission rate and choose the higher one. Check your list and find out the best categories, where you will find ‘bestsellers’. This will help you to get the best selling products in your listed categories. if the buyer already loves these products, it will be easy to sell it on your site. So click on bestseller and we will find listed products further.
  • On this page, you will see 3 different selection called Bestsellers, Hot New Releases, Movers & Shakers. You need to focus on 2 of the selections, called i) Bestsellers; which listed the best selling and most rating products. ii) Hot New Releases; which list best selling new and future products in these categories.
  • Study both selections and you will get some best products for sale. Look product for high MRP with lots of users reviews on it. Higher reviews products have lots of sales. It will help you to increase your sale. Because these products are in demand. Select a higher price product will get you more commission.
  • Main benefits to select this type of products is they, have lots of sales, people like these products, as you have a higher chance to sale this type of products.

Step to keep in mind

  • Products you have selected for your Niche. you also have a look for its current competition in the market.
  • Popular site related to your Nich also choosing these products, they have in demand.
  • How many searches on your selected products in Google search term.
  • You have the option to select one product or complete categories of these products.
  • Can you write good quality content on your chosen product or categories?

After following all this segment, you will have some profitable niche, where you will make very good affiliate money by your blog/website.

Lookout some good categories for your website/Blog

  • Beauty, Health, Grocery
  • Sports, Fitness
  • Books
  • Home, Kitchen, Pets
  • Men’s Fashion
  • Women’s Fashion
  • Kid’s Fashion
  • Baby Products, Toys
  • Appliances
  • Smart Phones

How to create Blog/Website & promote it

Step 1: Get a Domain

After working all above step for your niche, now its time to get a Domain. You can choose any name or find a keyword rich domain that’s up to you. There are many plus side & negative side for choosing a domain, but it’s your call which type of domain you select. I prefer the keyword rich domain.

I use to book my domains because I find their services quite good and hassle-free. also, provide domain as low as Rs.99/- for a whole year.

Step 2: Buy a Hosting Plan for your Domain

Once you get your domain, now it’s time to get good hosting services. I prefer working with Hostgator or Bluehost hosting. Both of them offers good quality and services. I am using Hostgator for hosting my website and I never faced any problem with them.

I recommend working with WordPress to create your 1st blog. WordPress is very easy to use and has tons of helpful plugins to make your blog easy to manage.

Step 3: Create your WordPress Blog

Now its time to get your 1st WordPress blog up and running. After selecting a domain and hosting plans your host provider give you free WordPress plugins to use. If 1st time to use hosting type “How to create a WordPress Blog” on YouTube. you will get step by step instructions on it.

Step 4: Niche/Content Creation

Now it’s time to create quality content for your blog. to create the best content you need to find topics on which to write on.

You can go for Google auto search term, Google AdWord keyword tools or to find out the best keyword for your topics to write.

Before writing on your content, look for similar products and select the best product. it helps the buyer perfect one. you have clearly mentioned your thoughts on the topic. Most buyer looking for answer and decisions. you topic never miss guide buyer by saying ‘ I would suggest either Buy Product A or Product B’; it should always say ‘ I would suggest buying Product B’; give a clear and final decision at end of your topic.

Some content reference for you:

  • Give a review of products
  • Compare products and give your decision
  • 5 things you have to know before buying a product

If you are now good at content writing, you can hire a person or go to

One more thing, if you choose a single product base niche site, the biggest advantage you don’t have to spend lots of time to create content. just create 8 to 10 page of good content; after that just concentrate on promoting your blog/website.

Step 5: How to Promote your Blog/Website

To promote your Blog/Website put social sharing button on it. and ask your audience to share it, also share your website with your friends and ask them to share with their group too. By doing this you will get a good network.

Use the free “Social Media” method to promote as well as paid methods to promote your niche website. for a niche website, it is important to rank in search engine for this you have to spend a good time in SEO for your niche website. once it’s ranked top with your keyword you will make a good amount of money every month.

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