How To Sell On Amazon India For Beginners (2018)

The question of “how to sell on Amazon” is most asked by users. to sell on
Amazon, you have to open a Seller Account on Amazon. open a seller account is as simple
as you create an email account. but here you need some documents to verify
your account.

In this article, I will show you simple and easy steps to sell on Amazon.

No technical skill require even if you are beginners, You can open Amazon seller
account by following simple steps in this article.

Many people are making a lot of money from Amazon and many people want to sell on
Amazon but they don’t know how to become an Amazon Seller?

Register as a seller on Amazon by myself 1st time, it took so much time to understand the process completely. But now it is easy for me.

I will show you the complete process, how to sell on Amazon India for beginners step by step with no step skipped. also, I will tell you about the necessary documents that you required for Amazon registration as a seller.

Follow these simple steps for How to sell on Amazon India for Beginners.

We cover the Following steps.

Also, Read this post if you don’t have this Documents.

Apply for documents for selling on Amazon India.
How to apply for PAN CARD online
How to register for GST online

Documents required to sell on Amazon India:

    1. Personal Details (Name, Address, email id, Mobile Number)
    2. Business Details (Store name, business address)
    3. Bank Account Details
    4. PAN CARD – don’t have click here to apply.
    5. GST number – don’t have GST number click here to apply.

How to sell on Amazon India for beginners:

STEP 1. Visit now scroll down to footer are you will see an option SELL on Amazon India. click on it.

How To Sell On Amazon India For Beginners (2018)

STEP 2. Now Click on Get Started.

How To Sell On Amazon India For Beginners (2018)

STEP 3. When you click on Get Started. then you will go to a new page. then click on the Register Now button.

How To Sell On Amazon India For Beginners (2018)

STEP 4. You will fount Create an account. here give you personal details (your name, Email, and password) then click on Create your Amazon account.

How To Sell On Amazon India For Beginners (2018)

STEP 5. Enter your Company/Business name and tick on Seller Agreement then hit the continue button.

How To Sell On Amazon India For Beginners (2018)

STEP 6. Enter mobile number and Verify Mobile Number by OTP send on your number.

How To Sell On Amazon India For Beginners (2018)

STEP 7. Now you are on the Seller Information page. here give your business details like. and then click on the Next button.

          • Store Name
          • Select your product Categories
          • Give your Business address
          • Amazon checks your Pincode for service availability.
            • if service available then you are eligible for Amazon easy Ship services.
            • if your Pincode is not serviceable then you have to ship product from your side.

How To Sell On Amazon India For Beginners (2018)

STEP 8. Update your Tax details.

on this page, you have two options.

          • give your GSTIN and PAN CARD number and click on Next.
          • if you don’t have GSTIN and PAN number then tick on I will Update Later and click Next button.

How To Sell On Amazon India For Beginners (2018)

STEP 9. You are almost there, Now you are on Seller Interview section page.

          • Choose categories as per your products. ex. I am selling Jeans as I select Clothing categories.
          • Where do you get product from?
            • here you will get three option
              1. I manufacture them
              2. Resell the product that I buy
              3. I import them
            • select from given option as per your term.
          • Give details on your annual turnover? and How many products do you sell?
          • Last question Do you sell on other websites?

after filling all the details click on Next.

How To Sell On Amazon India For Beginners (2018)

STEP 10. Dashboard

You are on the final step but you have to complete six processes.

          1. Products to sell
          2. Shipping fee details
          3. Bank account details
          4. Enter Tax details
          5. Default product Tax code
          6. Signature

How To Sell On Amazon India For Beginners (2018)

Now we are looking at each step very carefully.

1. Products to sell on this step you have to give your products details, to give this details click on Start Listing.

after click on start listing you will be asked for List your first Product. type your product name and search.

on this page, you will get products list similar to your categories. Now click on Create a new product listing. fill all details and save and finish

2. Shipping fee details adjust shipping fee according to yourself.

3. Bank account details

Provide your Bank account details Bank Name, account number, IFSC code and account type.

4. Enter Tax details

Previous if you don’t enter your Tax details like PAN CARD number and GSTIN number then give it here.

5. Default product Tax code

Product Tax code is very for products. please select product Tax code as per your categories. Need help click here.

6. Signature

Upload your signature and save.

Now click on launch your business and you are done and it will redirect you to Amazon seller portal. where you can manage your products.

here you can modify or add your products price, shipping price and manage your order and track them.

You have successfully created Amazon seller account ready to sell your products.

I hope you will now easily register on Amazon seller account India and you don’t have any problem.

If you still have any problem then feel free to ask through comment.

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