How to Pay LIC Online Premium

Nowadays nobody has time to wait in a queue to LIC Online Premium Payment. in this digital world, life becomes so easy. so lets come to the point. today I am showing you some easy way to pay your Lic Premium with your Mobile or Computer.

Follow these steps for LIC Online Premium Payment.

  1. Pay Direct(without login)
  2. Through Customer Portal.
  3. Pay LIC Premium with Application.

1: Pay Direct(without Login)

This is an Option for those who don’t want to Register with Customer Portal. This is a fast way to pay Premium Online. Through this option user can make three types of Direct payments i) Renewal Premium/Revival, ii) Loan Repayment, & iii) Loan Interest Payment.

Step 1: Pay Direct(without Login) go to website and Select the ‘Pay Direct(without Login)’ option. see the reference image below.

LIC Online Premium Payment

Step 2: A pop-up window open for asking Compatible Browsers. Select your Browser and wait for some time. It will redirect you to Payment Page.

LIC Online Premium Payment

Step 3: Select your payments From i) Renewal Premium/Revival, ii) Loan Repayment, & iii) Loan Interest Payment.

LIC Online Premium Payment

Step 4: Now Select Proceed to go LIC Premium Payment Page.

Step 4 Proceed for LIC Premium Payment Online

Step 5: You will be asked for fields details like Police Number, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, Instalment Premium (Excluding Taxes), Email I’d, Captcha and so on. While entering these details make sure all details are correct. Now select ‘I Agree’ and click on submit.

LIC Online Premium Payment

Step 6: Validate all details fields by you in the above step. If you have to Pay more then one Policy at once, then you can enter Policy Number and Premium amount (excluding taxes) by scrolling down. Click on Proceed when you are done.


Step 7: The next step will show you the number of policy you paid and the total premium amount to be paid. Now Click on ‘Check & Pay’ to make Payment Page.


Step 8: Now you are on Payment page where you will get three option to Pay Premium Online. a) internet banking, e-wallets like (PayTm, Mobikwik), credit card, debit card, American Express Card, b)Standard Chartered Bank UPI, and c) Axis Pay UPI.

Step 9: Once you make a payment from about option you will get a receipt on your email address also you will get the notification on mobile.

2. LIC Online Premium Payment Through Customer Portal.

If you already a registered customer then you can Login to the customer portal and make payment or else you need to signup with customer portal.

To register yourself click on ‘signup’. you required to field some detail to register such as policy number, date of birth, email, mobile number, installment premium (without taxes) Once you register with LIC customer portal, Login to your account to make payment.

LIC Online Premium Payment

Step 1: Login to your LIC customer portal with your credentials.

LIC Online Premium Payment

Step 2: Once you Login to your account click to ‘Online Payments’. It will take you to LIC Premium Payment portal.

LIC Online Premium Payment

Step 3: Select the policy which you wish to make a payment and Click on ‘Check & Pay’.

LIC Online Premium Payment

Step 4: LIC customer portal asks you to confirm the details such as your mobile number, email, premium amount once again, After confirming details, Click on ‘Check & Pay’

Step 5: Choose the payment option such as Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet Banking, Paytm Wallet, to make your LIC Premium Payment.

LIC Online Premium Payment

Here is some Convenience Fee will be charged for using some payment method.

LIC Online Premium Payment

Important points to remember while making payments

  1. While making payments please check all details correct.
  2. Policy Receipt will be mailed to a user email address.
  3. LIC Premium amount is debited from your bank/card but Payment page show error, a receipt will be sent to your registered email address in Three working days after confirmation from your bank.
  4. If you Re-trying, First check your bank account/cards is debited/charged for your earlier transactions. If the premium amount is charged to your bank account/card please wait for your insurer email you to receipt within three working days.
  5. Online Policy Premium payment made through policyholder himself only Not by the third party.
  6. LIC portal will accept the only Domestic transaction. Any International card transaction will not be accepted.

3. Pay LIC Premium with Application.

Lic Policyholder has an option to pay Premium with Google Android App or Apple Play store app.

Hey, Friends if you have any other doubt about LIC Online Premium Payment please comment us.

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